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Michael Giacchino is the accomplished Oscar and Grammy-winning film and television composer who wrote the music for the widely popular ABC television programs “Alias”, “Lost”, and film scores for “The Incredibles”, “Star Trek”, “Up”, “Mission Impossible III”, “Cloverfield”, and many others. Before he met up and coming director J.J. Abrams, Giacchino used to write scores for video games using primarily live musicians.

The thing that can’t be underestimated is the amount of work it takes to write music consistently week after week, season after season with consistency. Giacchino developed and evolved the music for “Alias” starring Jennifer Garner as the show progressed, but there was always a clear sound world. You have to respect that body of work.

The fascinating thing about this short clip about the “Alias” soundtrack is that the composer talks about using a fixed orchestration for the full five-year run of the show: alto flute, bassoon, four horns, percussion, and fourteen strings (1[altoflute]-0-0-1, 4-0-0-0, perc [bongos/cymbal], strings [8-6-6-4-2]. This self-imposed “restriction” created a puzzle for the composer to continue exploring his fixed palette of sounds with character themes, color and timbral experimentats, and so much more. It also seems from the footage that some or all of the musicians were consistent for all the “Alias” sessions recorded over five seasons.

Look for Giacchino’s music in the Star Trek sequel in 2013!

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