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Learn orchestration with YOUR MUSIC!! (any style!)

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Since many composition students and orchestrators have already taken a class or course or two in orchestration, probably own all the critical orchestration texts including the Adler, and already understand the basics of instrumentation (winds, brass, percussion, and strings) — the way this site is different is to offer online ORCHESTRATION LESSONS as Evaluations, Tips, and Analysis Reports of YOUR MUSIC, and your scoring projects.

If you’re interested in an evaluation from STUDY ORCHESTRATION ONLINE, CLICK below and send your score (please send PDF and mp3 — even if it’s a MIDI playback), and within 5 business days you will receive back BY EMAIL, a 5+ page report on the orchestration/scoring/voicing issues, concerns, and more observations of your original music.


You’ll get at least a detailed five (5+) page PDF report on all aspects of your orchestration – for very long works – you may get concentrated analysis on the opening passages and opening pages. At least one full hour of analysis will be devoted to each work including, but not limited to:

  • Orchestration issues, problems, and scoring concerns will be identified — with possible solutions
  • Other issues will be raised that deal with the way your orchestration and scoring supports [or thwarts] the other aspects of your composition, including formal design
  • Other possible compositional topics raised by your scoring and orchestration
  • Other specific factors and advice related to your music will be addressed

After the completed paypal transaction, you will receive a DIRECT EMAIL address to send one mp3 recording and one PDF score per lesson/analysis report… (for longer works, it’s possible to use the same work for more than one report!)

Orchestration Evaluation: One Original Work: $50 USD

***Please note that for scheduling reasons, I am no longer accepting TWO or THREE report orders at the same time from the same composer/arranger/orchestrator. If you do have a multi-movement work, it’s easier for me if you just submit one section of your work at a time. THANKS!***

This report is essentially an ORCHESTRATION INDEPENDENT STUDY project with composer, jazz musician, and educator Andy McWain, who has been teaching at the university level for years; Feel free to use the contact form if you have questions. If you would prefer a SKYPE lesson and/or consultation those can be arranged as well (Fee: $50+/hour, negotiable). This is useful if your score or music is a WORK-IN-PROGRESS and is not complete enough to order a report. You can also email questions directly to this address: STUDYORCHESTRATIONONLINE at GMAIL dot com. THANKS!